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Technical Advice and Building Materials Sales

If you wish to improve your home but you are unsure about which technical solutions are more appropriate to your case and / or choosing the suitable products and how to install them correctly please do not hesitate to contact us. RenoBuild, a specialist in wall, ceiling and pavement coating, provides Technical Advice and Building Materials Sales services in the following areas:

  • Mortars;
  • Primers, Paints and Varnishes;
  • Thermal and Acoustic insulation materials;
  • External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS system);
  • Other Materials.


The quality of mortars in the construction of a building is of a very significant importance as far as salubriousness, comfort, durability and visual aspect.

Mortar (or plaster, when used as coating) is an artificial stone resulting from the homogenous mix of a binder agent with a load of aggregates and water. Normally, there are 3 types of binders:

  • Cement (Cement mortars);
  • Lime (Lime mortars);
  • Gypsum (Gypsum Mortars).

When two binders intervene, for example cement and lime, or gypsum and lime, they are called mixt or “bastard mortars”.

The main functions of a plaster are protection of support and decoration. Hence, mortars applied to the exterior, besides the aesthetic aspect and durability, must be waterproof, permeable to water vapour, resistant to shock and to cracking.

One must also mention the importance of using factory-produced mortars (hydraulic binders) as compared with in-site preparation (simple mixtures of binder and sand, not adapted to present-day construction, whether in new works or refurbishment). The traditional in-site preparation of mortars requires storing binders and aggregates in deficient conditions, exposed to the weather. Materials are mixed in inadequate conditions, with no possibility of rigorous weighing and using additives.


The performance of coating by painting and its effectiveness do not depend solely on the choice of paint, but also on the mode of application and quality of surfaces to cover, which must be conveniently prepared before receiving the painting scheme. Consequently, the role of primers is crucial, as they may superficially consolidate supports and regulate their absorption.

A good quality paint has the following characteristics;

  • Stability;
  • Easy application;
  • Consumption and Coverage;
  • Durability and Resistance;
  • Resistance to washing and rubbing;
  • Resistance to growing fungi and algae.

The durability of paint is measured by the time it withstands the action of sun, rain and chemical and/or pollutant agents. Durability is longer in a quality paint, when compared with a lesser quality paint, generally at much lower prices.

RenoBuild may advise you in choosing adequate paint, giving you the possibility of choosing from a wide range of colours.


Insulating, ventilating and heating/cooling are three crucial factors to obtain a healthy and comfortable atmosphere. Insulating a house effectively allows saving in heating (winter) and cooling (summer), guaranteeing a pleasant temperature during the whole year at lower costs.

There is a great diversity of products for thermal and acoustic insulation. The process of deciding on solutions and type of materials to apply, besides the technical-financial analysis, requires bearing in mind the part of the house to insulate, the type of insulation desired, as well as issues of durability and sustainability. As for their origin, insulating materials may be divided, fundamentally, into 3 groups: mineral, vegetal and synthetic materials.

RenoBuild may provide advising services and sell products to implement thermal insulation and acoustic solutions at your home, whether new or to be refurbished, so as to reduce your energy consumption, improving the comfort of your house. Home Comfort & Energy Saving is our motto.


The correct implementation of the External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS – Cappotto, Capoto, Capote) requires careful choice of insulating plates available in the market, but also the materials used to prepare the supports, cementing, plastering and finishes that give the facade its final look. Likewise, the correct execution of building details in the private areas of the building represents an essential conditions to guarantee the durability and expected results in terms of energy saving.

With more than 35 years’ experience in applying thermal insulation systems, RenoBuild, an applier of reference brands STO, Fassa Bortolo and Weber, may provide specialised advice in this area.


If you wish to refurbish or renew your home, there is a range of building materials, linked to the field of coatings, that allow improving the look, operation, wholesomeness and increase the commercial value of your house.

Technical Advice and Building Materials Sales | RenoBuild Algarve

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